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Working on first game

2015-05-31 12:14:39 by dopeoner718

I am working on my first game. It is a simple space shooter, asteriods clone. I put it up soon!!

hello fam, I newbie on here the name is dopeoner

2014-01-15 00:39:16 by dopeoner718

Hello fam, I am newbie on here. The name is DopeOner. I am a graffiti artist/ videogame programer from NY. Here to learn more about cartoon animation. I want to learn steps on how animate characters in cartoons frame by frame and layers of backgound any ideas?  The software I have is abobe flash with adobe illustrator for now. I plan buying toon boom hamony in the future but have to save the funds to purchase it. anyways peoples, let know what you know. peace!!